Safety and reliability, functionality and efficiency are the cornerstones of our work.

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Speed, accuracy and effectiveness distinguish the services we offer.

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Green areas

Design and maintenance

A green area must adapt and complete the architecture of the building in which it is inserted

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A key point for any business is the ability to ensure the safety of people, spaces and data

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bvb holding

is part of the BARANI Group

BVB Holding, a leading company in Security Services Management, is part of the BARANI Group, together since 2008 they are able to act in a 360° MULTIDIVISIONAL reality, offering services with an integrated security perspective, no longer individual specializations, but a set of services, managed and cared for in a “facility management” perspective.

A qualified and highly professional Global Service Provider, BVB Holding together with the BARANI Group proposes itself as the sole interlocutor of a diversified supply chain of services, going beyond the simple intermediation of traditional surveillance services, and presenting a wide modular offer, the result of a serious and profitable collaboration with a pool of highly professional partners.

Modern management systems, advanced infrastructures and a team of qualified professionals allow the BVB/BARANI group to offer quality services, compliant with current regulations in terms of Safety & Security, which guarantee its customers growth in their company performance and achieve the best value for money.

BVB Holding

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